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Rural Minimalist Architecture Design in Black Home

There is a charming home, with modern black color and minimalist but memorable rural architecture. Indeed because it is designed in the rural areas, so the architecture of this minimalist home remains the rural design. X Architecture, Little Black Dress, are the designer of the rural black minimalist home. This house stands on 1000 square meters in Gunskirchen, Austria. At first the black soil built this home is a stretch of grass with a few neighbors. It required a strong floor construction to hold the soil. Construction of concrete eventually be an option to protect the rural black home from flooring and poor soil conditions. Rural minimalist architecture embodied in the form of black two-story home, where the floor is more dynamic because of the sloping roof design. Which attracted is the color of black in the rural home minimalist with empty asymmetric room cladded white yard at once forming a path that exists between black homes.

Black rural minimalist home

White path space between homes

Black high home in rural area

Minimalist design in black home

Concrete floor in black home


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