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Inviting Modern Home Bungalow Building Plans Design

The art of bungalow decorating is very often dictated by the distinctive architectural features of the classic American bungalow style house. These inviting little homes with low-pitched rooflines were built with functionality as the guiding principle along with plenty of design savvy. Natural, local building materials such as fieldstone are important in bungalow decorating. Craftsman d├ęcor along with Mission style had an enormous influence on the artisan design of the bungalow. Exterior features which distinguish the bungalow home include decorative wooden shingle patterns, sloping rooflines with gables, spacious front porches, and tapered four-sided support columns. They are typically built with only one to one-and-half stories for a more horizontal profile.

Modern Home Bungalow Building Plan Design

Home Bungalow Building in Portugal Green Protection Area

Mid Century Home Bungalow Building Design Style

Serenity of Fresh Home Bungalow Building Architectural Retreat

Exterior Feature of a Green Maryland Bungalow Building

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