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Tubular Bedroom Hotel Design from Recycled Concrete Tubular

This is an innovative hotel designed from recycled concrete tubular. This is a curious tubular hotel for anyone who seeing this. This tubular bedroom inspired by Dasparkhotel in Austria. Its name is TuboHotel, which focused on the bedroom hotel where there are some recycled concrete tubes lining with the inside are containing bedroom. The bedroom in the recycled concrete tubular is quite elegant, wall and glass door allows residents to look out at anytime, but it’s also equipped with curtain that can save the privacy. As for the owners’ tubular hotel, this glass walls and doors are functioning as a place to show off the art tubular bedroom to attract the visitors. Each tubular bedrooms hotel are include a queen bed, lamp desk, fans, and storage under the bed. This tubular bedroom in TuboHotel is probably not intended as a place of lodging such as hotel function in general, but rather to give the different unique experience to stay in unique bedroom.

Recycled concrete tubular for bedroom

Glass wall and door in tubular bedroom

Amazingly tubular bedroom interior

Tubular bedrooms at night

Tubular bedroom Hotel design


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